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This is the family tree of the Carr-Brion and associated families. The main surnames are Kingwell, Horton and Paige from south Devon, Sharland from Bath formerly in Somerset, Mann from Launceston in Cornwall, Orr from Lanarkshire, Casswell from Lincolnshire, Coulson from North Yorkshire, Burn/Bond from East Yorkshire and Crompton from Bolton in Lancashire. I have recently added details of my Scottish ancestors with surnames including Gunn, Rugg and McLean.

For the period up to about 1911, I have tried to include only information that I have verified myself. Most of the later information has been given to me by others and is difficult to verify.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me gather this information. If you have any information to add or corrections to make then please let me know. I would particularly like any information about my grandfather Cedric Kingwell that might help me find out why he changed his name.

The Thornber family tree was put together by Barbara Mann and her father and joins up with my family tree. I have recorded it electronically and added a few details from the census records

Last updated 11th December 2021.