Four scientists

F. G. Mann FRS. He was a chemist at Trinity Collage, Cambridge

Henry John Carter FRS. He was a surgeon in Bombay, India. He worked in geology and zoology.

Alfred Fowler FRS. Professor of Astrophysics, Imperial College of Science and Technology, South Kensington, London.

William Shackleton FRAS. Worked at the Royal College of Science, South Kensington and, later, as Inspector of Scientififc Supplies at the India Stores Depot.

Illegitimate son to wealthy mill owner

Benjamin Thornber. He was born in Gisburn, Yorkshire, in 1800. In 1841 he was a humble weaver. In 1881 he employed 700 people.

Two bankrupts

Isaac Sharland. He was a tailor in 1841. He was declared bankrupt about 1847. He was a tailor in Scotland in 1851 and a traveller selling jewelry in 1861. He then disappears.

Samuel Stickland. He was a shopkeeper, dealer and chapman. He was declared bankrupt in 1820. He later became a shoe maker and lodging house keeper.

He had a place named after him

John Kingwell. John was a preacher whose work coverd placentia bay, Newfoundland. The town of Kingwell, near Harbor Buffett, Newfoundland, was called after him

A case of bigamy

Richard Halstead. He married Margaret Gawthorp in 1843. Some time after 1851 he went to Australia and married Elizabeth Kelly in 1855

A legacy for poor widows and fatherless children

Grace Mann. In 1777 she left £1000 in her will to set up a trust for the "poor Widows and Indigent Fatherless Children" of the parishes of Crediton, Upton Helion and Colebrooke. She left some of her property for a similar trust for some parishes in Exeter.

Born 1784, she had 17 children and lived to be 94

Margaret Brittan. She was born about 1784. She married Isaac Sharland Snr. and had 17 children between 1808 and 1830. She died 13 March 1878

A deaf and dumb preacher

Robert Armour. Both he and his wife were deaf and dumb. He became the Missionary for the Liverpool Deaf and Dumb Benevolent Society about 1878.

Children in work house after second marriage

Richard Kingwell. The children of his first marriage are in the Union Workhouse Plympton St. Mary in 1881 while he lived with his new wife and children.

Suddenly she was ten years younger

Elizabeth Carter Stickland. The was born about 1827. In 1869 she married Thomas Cain who was about 16 years younger. From then on she is recorded about 10 years younger.