This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Fairhurst. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Alice Fairhurst 9 Nov 1869    
Alice Fairhurst 1884    
Alice Fairhurst 8 Aug 1911   Robinson Waugh
Anna Maria Davies Fairhurst about 1903    
Annie Fairhurst 1883    
Catherine Fairhurst 1898    
Denis Peter Fairhurst 27 Oct 1930 18 Mar 2010 [Private] Pilbrow
Ellen Fairhurst about 1872   William Knight
Emily Fairhurst 1887    
Eric Roy Fairhurst 30 Nov 1928 2002 [Private] Murray
Florence Fairhurst 1892    
George Edward Fairhurst 24 May 1917 9 Sep 1943 [Private] House
James Fairhurst 1889    
Jane Fairhurst about 1902    
John James Fairhurst 11 Jul 1903 1977 Lotty Alma Ruby Davis
John Victor Fairhurst 12 May 1924 28 Nov 1994 [Private] Carr-Brion
Kezia Fairhurst about 1905 1929 Leopold Kroll
Lily Fairhurst 2 May 1910   Frederick Blyth
Martha Fairhurst 1900    
Mary Jane Fairhurst about 1860   Thomas Edwards
Mary Jane Fairhurst 8 Oct 1914   Norman L Beech
Matthew Fairhurst 1890    
Matthew Fairhurst 28 Dec 1907   Miriam Eliza Crocker
Noah Fairhurst 1896    
Thomas Fairhurst 1864 1864  
Thomas Fairhurst 1867 1868  
Walter Fairhurst 14 Nov 1893 1960 Eliza Susana Newson
Walter Fairhurst 1898    
William Fairhurst about 1862 about 1872  
William Fairhurst 1 Nov 1875   Lily Wilcox
William Fairhurst 1886    
William Fairhurst 19 Oct 1901   Ellen Dixon
[Private] Fairhurst     Gordon J Harris
[Private] Fairhurst     Raymond Michael Belenger
[Private] Fairhurst     [Private] Head, Harry Tattersall
[Private] Fairhurst     [Private] Buick
[Private] Fairhurst     [Private] Cocking
[Private] Fairhurst      
[Private] Fairhurst      
[Private] Fairhurst      
[Private] Fairhurst     [Private] Stephens
[Private] Fairhurst     [Private] Campbell
[Private] Fairhurst     [Private] Byford
[Private] Fairhurst     [Private] Parkes
[Private] Fairhurst      
[Private] Fairhurst      
[Private] Fairhurst      
[Private] Fairhurst      
[Private] Fairhurst      
[Private] Fairhurst      
[Private] Fairhurst     [Private] McKeen
[Private] Fairhurst      
[Private] Fairhurst      
[Private] Fairhurst