This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Young. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Agnes Young about 1907    
Alan Malcolm Young about 1910    
Ann Young about 1838    
Arthur Young 18 Feb 1882 1955 Elizabeth Ann Jones
Blanche Charlotte Young about 1857    
Charles Arthur Young 9 Apr 1907 10 Jun 1986 Susan Gray Barnett
Elizabeth Young about 1840    
Ellen Young about 1880    
Emily Young about 1845   George Attwill
Emily Young about 1863    
Ernest Young 31 May 1911 1915  
Gladys May Young 7 May 1909 1998 Peter Morris, Joseph Rudd
Grace Young about 1876 7 Aug 1965 John Arthur Napier
Grace Young about 1903    
Helen Phoebe Young about 1868    
Horrace William Young 15 Apr 1914 1988 Dora Pollitt
John Young about 1848    
John Young about 1902    
John Davison Young about 1868    
Joseph Young about 1874   Annie Collins
Joseph Harold Young 5 Nov 1907   Edna Louise Iles
Kate Jennifer Young about 1856 1878 Joseph Hercules Kingwell
Kenneth Stanley Young 7 May 1911 20 Sep 1942 Muriel Grey Roper
Lillian Hannah Young 25 Jul 1894   Harry Lawrence Mann
Lily Young about 1906    
Mary Young about 1844    
Mary Young about 1872   Thomas Dawson Gill
Richard Bennet Young about 1878   Mary Ellen Tatlock
Richard Tipper Young about 1832   Jenifer Bennett
Thomas White Young about 1907    
William Young     Augusta Davison
William Young 17 Aug 1842   Grace Atkinson
William Young about 1870   Jessie White
William Young about 1895    
[Private] Young     [Private] Coulson, [Private] Carr-Brion
[Private] Young     [Private] Crompton
[Private] Young     [Private] Stagg
[Private] Young    
[Private] Young     [Private] Hill
[Private] Young      
[Private] Young     [Private] Wyatt
[Private] Young     [Private] Reeve
[Private] Young      
[Private] Young      
[Private] Young     Nora Stanley
[Private] Young      
[Private] Young      
[Private] Young      
[Private] Young