Le Sage

This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Le Sage. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Alexander Louis Stracey Le Sage about 1875 29 Jul 1925 Elizabeth Baxter Christie
Blanche Constance Jennie Le Sage about 1871 1928 Lorenz Lipp
Blanche Jennie Le Sage about 1891    
Claud Le Sage    
Claud Emile Louis Le Sage 3 Mar 1902    
Claude Emile Clemente Le Sage 27 Jan 1866 1946 Helen Ann McDonald Laidlaw
Edouard A Le Sage 1868   Amelia Hicks
Emile Louis Le Sage 1838 15 Feb 1897 Jane Stracey
Emile Louis Le Sage 13 Dec 1907 27 Nov 1945 Marie Rabinowich
Emile Rodolphe Le Sage 23 Feb 1906 1934 Irene McCombie
Ernest John Le Sage 1870 1937 Margaret Anderson
Ernest John Le Sage 16 May 1903    
Helen Ann Marie Le Sage about 1895    
Jeannette Stracie Le Sage 12 May 1905    
Louis Emile Christie Le Sage 2 Aug 1903 8 Aug 1903  
Lucy R Constance Le Sage about 1898   David Hardie
Marie Emilie Le Sage about 1879    
[Private] Le Sage      
[Private] Le Sage     [Private] Clare, [Private] Carr-Brion
[Private] Le Sage      
[Private] Le Sage     [Private] Nelson, [Private] Power