This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Unknown. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Abigail Unknown about 1810   James Stone
Adelaide Unknown     Frederick Boehmer
Agnes Unknown     William Hopson
Alice Unknown     James Hatchman
Alice Unknown     John Hoskin
Alice Unknown     Joseph Rowe
Alice Unknown     James Wills
Alice Unknown     Danile Goodman
Alice Unknown     Thomas Dory
Alice Unknown about 1796 1853 Thomas Isherwood
Ann Unknown     Jacob Hartland
Ann Unknown     Hugh Sherratt
Ann Unknown     Thomas Redcliff
Ann Unknown     William Bran
Ann Unknown     James Simpson
Ann Unknown     Richard Adams
Ann Unknown     Edward Harper
Ann Unknown   1741 Benjamin Casswell
Ann Unknown     Francis Henson
Ann Unknown     John Claypole
Ann Unknown     Thomas Minta
Ann Unknown     John Batt
Ann Unknown about 1785   John Newsham
Ann Unknown about 1788   William Smith
Ann Unknown about 1799   John Newman
Ann Unknown about 1800   Robert Bentham, Joseph Easton
Ann Unknown about 1821   George Clarkson
Anna C Unknown     Dunbar Ortseifer Scobell
Anne Unknown     John Bawden
Anne Unknown about 1790   Arthur Horton
Anne Unknown about 1836   Robert McCormack
Annie Unknown     Henry Foote
Annie Unknown     Walter Holman
Annie Unknown     Samuel Orr
Barbara Unknown about 1775   John McKenzie
Bell Unknown about 1865   Noah Jonas
Betsey Unknown     George Full
Betsey Unknown     William Michelmore
Betty Unknown     Abraham Fiander
Betty Unknown about 1765 1844 John Higham
Betty Unknown about 1810   James Taylor
Bridget Unknown     Joseph Barwis
Catharine Unknown     Thomas Ings
Catherine Unknown     William Walters
Catherine Unknown   Philip Keefer
Catherine Unknown about 1889   Robert Hood Orr
Deborah Unknown about 1808   William Smith
Dorothy Unknown     [Private] Hill
ELiza Unknown     William Galbraith
Edith Matilda Unknown     Francis Charles Silcock
Eliza Unknown     Henry Light
Eliza Unknown     Richard Turpin
Eliza Unknown     Stephen Trehane
Eliza Unknown about 1804   James Gilbert
Elizabeth Unknown     Thomas Bullock
Elizabeth Unknown     Thomas Elliott
Elizabeth Unknown     Hunter Miller
Elizabeth Unknown     William Freeman
Elizabeth Unknown     William Light
Elizabeth Unknown     Jonathan Forward
Elizabeth Unknown     Isaac Ings
Elizabeth Unknown     Edward Michell
Elizabeth Unknown     Robert Willcocks
Elizabeth Unknown     Thomas Fice
Elizabeth Unknown     William Cook
Elizabeth Unknown     William Barnes
Elizabeth Unknown     James Hele Rowse
Elizabeth Unknown     William Mortimore
Elizabeth Unknown     Richard Oldrey
Elizabeth Unknown     Richard Cranch
Elizabeth Unknown     John Adams
Elizabeth Unknown     Lewis Ward
Elizabeth Unknown   1727 Edward Price
Elizabeth Unknown     John Casswell
Elizabeth Unknown     Curtis Williamson
Elizabeth Unknown     John Stephens
Elizabeth Unknown     Thomas Cardew
Elizabeth Unknown     John Bate
Elizabeth Unknown     George Newsham
Elizabeth Unknown     John Hodgson
Elizabeth Unknown     Henry Voysey
Elizabeth Unknown     John Casswell
Elizabeth Unknown     James Newey
Elizabeth Unknown     Arthur Edward Robertson
Elizabeth Unknown     James Nutter
Elizabeth Unknown about 1791   John Noble
Elizabeth Unknown about 1794   James Hayes
Elizabeth Unknown about 1799   Samuel Middleweek, Frederick Bennett
Elizabeth Unknown about 1812   Henry Dawson
Elizabeth Unknown about 1818   George Henry Leaver
Elizabeth Unknown about 1838   Edmund Heaton
Elizabeth Unknown about 1845  
Elizabeth Unknown 1862   James Pye
Elizabeth A Unknown     Richard F Scobell
Ellen Unknown     John Harrison
Emma Unknown     Charles Theobald
Emma Unknown about 1817   John Tate
Emma Unknown about 1846   John Smith
Emma Agnes Unknown about 1851   Robert Joseph Paige
Eric Unknown     Roderick Graham
Eunice Unknown about 1841   Thomas Taylor
Fanny Unknown     John Hoar
Fanny Unknown about 1815   John Phillips
Florinda Unknown 13 May 1818 12 Mar 1887 John Dunn Paige
Frances Unknown     John Case
Frances Unknown about 1776   Nicholas Sarten
Grace Unknown     Peter Hingston
Grace Unknown about 1790  
Grace Unknown about 1816 about 1860 John Potter
Hannah Unknown     Thomas Haggard
Hannah Unknown     Christopher Rose
Hannah Unknown   1805 Benjamin Cork
Hannah Unknown     William Tate
Harriet Unknown     David Couch
Honor Unknown     Samuel Hooke
Isabella Unknown     James Hammond
Jane Unknown     Robert Westhead
Jane Unknown     Thomas Little
Jane Unknown     William Rockett
Jane Unknown   1767 Richard Mann
Jane Unknown     Edward Deeble
Jane Unknown about 1782 1829 Arthur Horton
Jane Unknown about 1811   Thomas Lazenby
Jane Unknown about 1817   William Foxton
Jane Unknown about 1821   James Fox
Jane Unknown about 1838   William Headley
Jane Unknown about 1847   William Longden
Jenifer Unknown     Humphrey Davy
Jessie Unknown     Henry H Scobell
Jessie A Unknown about 1866   John Ewan
Joan Unknown     Arthur Trowbridge
Judith Unknown     George Allen
Julia Unknown     Thomas Lee
Lucy Unknown     John Hill
Margaret Unknown     William Green
Margaret Unknown     John Campbell
Margaret Unknown     Arthur Pride
Margaret Unknown     Philip Screech
Margaret Unknown     Robert
Margaret Unknown     William Bendy
Margaret Unknown 1830   Stephen Matthias
Margaret Unknown about 1846 1872 Thomas Pearce
Maria Unknown     Joseph Gaskill
Maria Unknown     Matthias Harris
Maria Unknown     John Sandover
Maria Unknown     Thomas Tozer
Maria Unknown     Richard Clutterbuck
Maria Unknown     John Taylor
Maria Unknown about 1834   Baker Shipley
Maria Unknown about 1852   Wilber Lewis
Martha Unknown     Thomas Hudson
Martha Unknown     George Taylor
Martha Unknown     James Wiscombe
Martha Unknown     John Lamb
Martha Unknown about 1793   Henry Hurst
Martha Unknown about 1830   James Prest
Martha Unknown about 1861   Thomas Fisher
Mary Unknown     Thomas Bullock
Mary Unknown     John Manning
Mary Unknown     James Martin
Mary Unknown     James Murray
Mary Unknown     Thomas White
Mary Unknown     Nicholas Burt
Mary Unknown     John Barker
Mary Unknown     Valentine Sissons
Mary Unknown     John Long
Mary Unknown     Francis Hodder
Mary Unknown     George Leach
Mary Unknown     Thomas Catterall
Mary Unknown     Robert Oliver
Mary Unknown     John Longhurst
Mary Unknown     John Blackler
Mary Unknown     Robert Head
Mary Unknown     William Lapthorne
Mary Unknown     Edmund Lakeman
Mary Unknown     John Hoskin
Mary Unknown     Samuel Prout
Mary Unknown     William Hudson
Mary Unknown     Richard Paige
Mary Unknown     James Full
Mary Unknown     Archibald Kidd
Mary Unknown     James Davey
Mary Unknown     Daniel Dunham
Mary Unknown     John Rowe
Mary Unknown about 1791   George Knowles
Mary Unknown about 1800   Daniel Peasgood
Mary Unknown about 1800   Roderick Mciver
Mary Unknown about 1802   James Sprague
Mary Unknown about 1804   William Brannan
Mary Unknown about 1805   James Sewart
Mary Unknown about 1806   Isaac Turner
Mary Unknown about 1808   Robert Mallett
Mary Unknown about 1808   Thomas Pearson
Mary Unknown about 1811   Clement Lavers
Mary Unknown about 1812   Nicholas Spargo
Mary Unknown about 1816   William Cole
Mary Unknown about 1823   John Griffiths
Mary Unknown about 1828  
Mary A Unknown    
Mary Ann Unknown     Thomas Upton
Mary Ann Unknown     Thomas French Morgan
Mary Ann Unknown     John Freeman
Mary Ann Unknown     Stephen Wright
Mary Ann Unknown     Robert Camish
Mary Ann Unknown about 1800   Thomas Schofield
Mary Ann Unknown about 1814   John Edmonds
Mary Hannah Unknown     Charles Smith
Mary J Unknown about 1845   Jonathan Smith
Nancy Unknown     Aaron Adams
Nellie Unknown about 1873   Edward Kingwell Holman
Phoebe Unknown     Thomas White
Prudence Unknown     John William Hunt
Rhoda Unknown about 1818   James Paige Cox
Rosina Unknown     William Henry Sincock
Ruth Unknown about 1853   Henry Lemon
Sarah Unknown     John Marsden
Sarah Unknown     William Ferrebee
Sarah Unknown     William Nichols
Sarah Unknown     Thomas Jillet
Sarah Unknown     Abraham Dare
Sarah Unknown     Henry Woollven
Sarah Unknown     Thomas Crowhurst
Sarah Unknown     Robert Lemon
Sarah Unknown     Robert Lewin
Sarah Unknown     Thomas Northmore
Sarah Unknown     Thomas Ducket
Sarah Unknown     William Hunt
Sarah Unknown about 1807   William Thomlinson
Sarah Unknown about 1811   Thomas Allen
Sarah Unknown 1812   James Hall
Sarah Unknown about 1818   James Brodie Murray
Sarah Unknown about 1855   Thomas Tatlock
Sarah Ann Unknown about 1859   Robert George Clarke
Sarah F Unknown     William Henry Pagett
Sheldon Unknown     Robert A Norris
Susan Unknown about 1847   James Westaway
Susanna Unknown about 1802   Thomas Tapley
Susannah Unknown about 1849 1889 William Henry Horton
[Private] Unknown     [Private] Hill
[Private] Unknown     [Private] Edwards
[Private] Unknown     Hector Wrench, Desmond John O'Donnell Bourke
[Private] Unknown      
[Private] Unknown     [Private] Noble
[Private] Unknown     [Private] Myers