This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Hill. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Ada Annie Hill 1891   Charles William Swan
Ann Hill about 1775   Christopher Coulson
Arthur Manley Hill 21 Jan 1843    
Cecilia Elizabeth Hill about 1878    
Charles Roche Hill about 1838    
Eliza Hill 1830   Hiram Fowler
Elizabeth Hill about 1839 before 1851  
Fanny Hill about 1841    
George Hill    
George Coulson Hill about 1857 22 Jun 1929 Caroline Haley
Gertrude Hill about 1903   Irving Haladay Emms
Harry Hill 6 May 1913   Ethel Greenhalgh
Henry Hill about 1864   Mary Jane Barton
Henry Ernest Hill 14 Jun 1846    
Herbert Hill 10 Mar 1891   Annie Crompton
John Hill     Lucy Unknown
John Edwin Dickson Hill about 1837    
John Thomas Hill about 1811   Frances Scoble
Julia Hill     Jarvis Newman
Margaret Hill about 1837   Robert Watt
Marjorie Hill about 1899    
Marjorie Hill about 1921 13 Dec 2002 Frank Kell
Mary Hill 22 Apr 1910   Arnold Brooks
Mary Ann Hill     John Rogers
Mary Jane Hill about 1841    
Melony Hill    
Richard Edwin Hill 14 Apr 1844    
Sarah Pash Hill about 1789   John Stickland
Thomas Hill    
William Hill   before 1851 Elizabeth Kingwell
William Hill about 1830   Elizabeth Coulson, Jemima Augusta Hodgson
William Arthur Hill about 1876    
William John Hill 14 Dec 1849    
[Private] Hill      
[Private] Hill      
[Private] Hill      
[Private] Hill      
[Private] Hill     [Private] Young
[Private] Hill      
[Private] Hill     [Private] Unknown
[Private] Hill      
[Private] Hill     [Private] Lomax
[Private] Hill     Dorothy Unknown