This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Langdon. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Beatrice Ida Langdon about 1874   Edwin Horton
Charlotte Langsbeer Langdon 22 Sep 1821   William Millars Newey
Dorothy Langdon about 1896    
Ebenezer Langdon 22 May 1827 1830  
Francis William Langsbeer Langdon about 1786 22 Aug 1864 Mary Best
Henry Walter Staddon Langdon about 1843   Sarah Jane Paige
Jane or Joan Langdon about 1755 1826 William Curtice
Joseph Langdon    
Lillian Langdon about 1891    
Mabel Langdon about 1893    
Mary Langdon about 1781   James Cox
Mary Langsbeer Langdon 19 Jan 1818 1879 Samuel Marden Stickland