This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Holden. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Albert Stott Holden about 1888   Maud Mary Wilkins
Alice Holden about 1884   Frederick Baron Wild
Caroline Holden about 1885 1885  
David Holden about 1822   Jane Copperthwait
Ellen Holden about 1858    
Ellen Holden about 1881    
Elsie Holden about 1898    
Emily Holden 31 May 1878   Giles Ainsworth
Florence Holden 28 Oct 1879 12 Feb 1971 Thomas Ainsworth
Green Holden about 1821 1855 Eliza Jones
Green Holden 1850 about 1931 Caroline Stott
Hannah Holden 8 Jul 1893   Robert Horrocks
Lawrence Holden about 1830    
Martha Holden about 1891   Percy Greenhalgh
Mary Ann Holden about 1854    
Mary Ann Holden 30 Sep 1886   Charles Stanley Whalley
Nicholas Holden about 1851    
Sarah Jane Holden about 1856    
Sarah Jane Holden about 1876   John James Clough
William Holden about 1781   Nanny Green
William Holden about 1859 1860  
William Green Holden 2 Mar 1912   Enid M Arthur
[Private] Holden      
[Private] Holden     [Private] Cosgrove
[Private] Holden      
[Private] Holden     [Private] Crompton
[Private] Holden      
[Private] Holden     [Private] Phillips
[Private] Holden      
[Private] Holden     [Private] O'Malley
[Private] Holden