Elizabeth Sharland

Birth Name Elizabeth Sharland
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1817 Bath, Somerset, England  
Baptism 19 Oct 1817 St. Michael, Bath, Somerset, England  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Isaac Sharland
Mother Margaret Britten
    Sister     Louisa Sharland
    Sister     Emma Sharland
    Sister     Caroline Sharland
    Sister     Emilia Sharland
    Sister     Matilda Sharland
    Sister     Ann Matilda Sharland
    Sister     Margaretta Sharland
         Elizabeth Sharland
    Brother     Isaac Sharland
    Sister     Harriet Augusta Sharland
    Brother     Edwin Sharland
    Sister     Laura Mary Sharland
    Brother     Frederick George Sharland
    Sister     Ellen Rosa Sharland
    Sister     Emily Jane Sharland
    Brother     Duncan Edward Sharland
    Brother     Duncan Henry Pollard Sharland


    Family of George Macfarlane Spong and Elizabeth Sharland
Married Husband George Macfarlane Spong
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 28 Jul 1846 Kilkenny, County Kilkenny, Ireland  
Event Note

Married at St. Mary's.

  1. Charlotte E Spong
  2. Francis J MacFarlane Spong


  1. Isaac Sharland
    1. Margaret Britten
      1. Louisa Sharland
      2. Emma Sharland
      3. Caroline Sharland
      4. Emilia Sharland
      5. Matilda Sharland
      6. Ann Matilda Sharland
      7. Margaretta Sharland
      8. Elizabeth Sharland
        1. George Macfarlane Spong
          1. Charlotte E Spong
          2. Francis J MacFarlane Spong
      9. Isaac Sharland
      10. Harriet Augusta Sharland
      11. Edwin Sharland
      12. Laura Mary Sharland
      13. Frederick George Sharland
      14. Ellen Rosa Sharland
      15. Emily Jane Sharland
      16. Duncan Edward Sharland
      17. Duncan Henry Pollard Sharland


Source References

  1. Parish register
  2. The Bristol Mercury
      • Date: 8 Aug 1846
      • Page: Issue 2942.