This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database, sorted by their last names. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Surname Given Name Birth Partner
Atkinson Arthur about 1892  
  Hartley Emmott about 1885 Jane Elizabeth Thornber
  Jane Elizabeth about 1877  
  Richard about 1879  
  Robert about 1853 Ellen Emmott
  Robert about 1876  
  Thomas Henry about 1888  
Baker Marjorie   [Private] Proctor
Bannister Bertha about 1890  
  Cornelius about 1876 Isabella Emmett
  Elizabeth about 1887  
  Henry about 1851 Sarah Unknown
  John about 1877  
  Susannah about 1873  
  Thomas about 1882  
Barritt Ann 31 Aug 1880 George Davenport
  Ann about 1831  
  Annie about 1900  
  Charles 21 Apr 1850 Mary Martha Whitaker
  Elizabeth 29 Feb 1888 Percy Thornber
  Ellen 16 Dec 1877  
  Florence Eleanor about 1899  
  Florence Mary 7 Feb 1886 Albert Proctor
  Frank about 1877 Elizabeth Ellen Bowker
  James about 1836  
  Jane 29 Feb 1888 Hugh Marwick
  Jane about 1839  
  Jean B    
  John about 1827 Anne Lord
  John Whittaker 10 Nov 1875  
  Mary Ann about 1854 William Rawlinson
  Mary about 1869 Frederick Leadley, Thomas Clegg
  Mary about 1829  
  Sarah about 1834  
  Thomas about 1849 Elizabeth Patterson
  Thomas about 1801 Ann Unknown
  Tom about 1880  
  William 10 Jun 1883  
  William about 1870 Fanny Veevers
  William about 1824  
  William Veevers about 1897 Emma L Fairey
  [Private]   Henry Gott
Baudon Marie-France   [Private] Thornber
Blades [Private]   [Private] Nowell
Booth Thomas Pemberton   Marjorie Clegg
Bowker Elizabeth Ellen about 1873 Frank Barritt
  Vernon 23 Aug 1884 Annie Thornber
  [Private]   [Private] Lawson
Bradley Cecil Gustave about 1880 Annie Thornber
Bradshaw Ada 1887 Benjamin Thornber
Bullard Norman Frank   Hilda Leadley
Burns Elizabeth Agnes 8 Aug 1886 John Watson Thornber
Button Barbara    
  Earnest   Charlotte Whitaker
Calverley Isabella about 1820 Thomas Emmett
Casey James   [Private] Thornber
Clegg Blanch about 1902  
  Dorothy Barritt about 1892 Charles Wilbound
  Edwin about 1863  
  Florence Caroline Beatrice 20 Jul 1878 Fred Thornber
  James about 1855  
  John about 1860  
  Marian about 1893  
  Marjorie about 1900 Thomas Pemberton Booth
  Marshall about 1839 Martha Thornber
  Thomas Barritt about 1895 Evelyn Palmer
  Thomas about 1866 Mary Barritt
  Thomas about 1832 Susannah Hudson, Anne Wiggleswarth
  William about 1858  
  [Private]   Hardie John Sayer
  [Private]   Florence Louise Lascelles
Clough Elizabeth Ellen about 1866 James Thornber
Cook Thomas   [Private] Whitaker
Cooper Henry George Welmsley 8 Feb 1903 Lucy Thornber
  [Private]   [Private] Hebden
Coupe Tom Alex 25 Sep 1898 Annie Thornber Gray
Crowther Mary   Tom Whitaker
Cunningham Jane 1849 William Whitaker
Cutlow Margaret Elizabeth 26 Oct 1871 Luke Thornber
Davenport George   Ann Barritt
  [Private]   [Private] Spalding
Dickinson Frank 4 Jan 1879 Annie Haworth
  [Private]   Harold Thornber
  [Private]   [Private] Thornber
Dodgeon Elizabeth   Ephraim Stephenson
Doole W   [Private] Thornber
Driver Elizabeth about 1856  
  Henry about 1824 Ellen Lawson
  Henry about 1781 Betty Unknown
  John about 1791 Mary Unknown
  Lizzie   [Private] Hornby
  Margaret about 1826  
  Mary about 1820  
  Richard about 1829  
  Sarah about 1821 John Emmett
  Thomas about 1818  
  William about 1821  
Duckworth Ann 2 Mar 1806  
  Betty 4 Sep 1788  
  Edmund 23 Jan 1791
  Jenny 17 Nov 1797  
  John about 1763 Jane/Jenny Walker
  John 25 Mar 1793  
  Joshua   Annis Emmett
  Luke 2 Aug 1802  
  Margaret 11 May 1810 Benjamin Thornber
  Martha 20 Apr 1808  
  Rebecca 25 Mar 1795  
Dyson Clara about 1864  
  Martha Ellen about 1858  
  Nancy 1861  
  William   Anne Wiggleswarth
Eade Dorothy Eleanor 6 Jun 1905 Jack Grey
Eastwood Elizabeth Anne   Thomas Emmett
Emmett Agnes 14 Jun 1850 Thomas Thornber
  Annis about 1848 Joshua Duckworth
  Arthur about 1880  
  Arthur about 1875  
  Ellen about 1813  
  Frederick Thomas about 1887  
  Gertrude about 1880  
  Herbert John about 1884  
  Isabella about 1876 Cornelius Bannister
  John about 1887  
  John about 1818 Sarah Driver
  Margaret about 1823 Parsons James
  Mary Ann about 1843  
  Mary Ann about 1848  
  Monica about 1885  
  Thomas about 1821 Isabella Calverley
  Thomas about 1781 Margaret Unknown
  Thomas about 1853 Elizabeth Anne Eastwood
  Thomas 1841  
  Ughtred James about 1881  
  Walter about 1881  
  William about 1826  
  William about 1853 Ester Hastwell
Emmott Ellen about 1853 Robert Atkinson
Fairey Emma L   William Veevers Barritt
Farraday Margaret   [Private] Thornber
Foulds Annie about 1890 J T Stephenson
  Benjamin Thomas about 1882 Lavinia Gaukrodger
  James about 1855 Margaret Ellen Thornber
  Margaret about 1885 Arthur Brett Knape
Gaukrodger Elizabeth 5 Aug 1889 Benjamin Thornber
  Josiah about 1848 Alice M Unknown
  Lavinia about 1882 Benjamin Thomas Foulds
Gill Virginia   [Private] Proctor
Gott Henry   [Private] Barritt
Gray Annie Thornber 18 Oct 1897 Tom Alex Coupe
  George Herbert   Mary Jane Thornber
  Martha Jane 30 May 1894 Albert Haighton
Grey Edward Morley 9 Aug 1869 Annis Thornber
  Jack 22 May 1904 Dorothy Eleanor Eade
  [Private]   Vera K Heasman
Haighton Albert 26 Nov 1892 Martha Jane Gray
Hale Pollie 30 Oct 1894 James Thornber
Halstead Frank   [Private] Thornber
Hargreaves Annie Evelyn about 1893  
  Charles Frederick about 1862 Eliza Watterson
  Lizzie about 1891 Thomas Thornber, J Taylor
  Mary Ann about 1857 [Private] Lancaster
  Sarah Annie about 1886 Edward Sharp Thornber
Hartley Mary 6 Feb 1876 John Thomas Thornber
Hastwell Ester about 1853 William Emmett
Haworth Annie 9 Jan 1880 Frank Dickinson
  [Private]   [Private] Thornber
Heasman Vera K   [Private] Grey
Hebden [Private]   [Private] Cooper
Holdsworth John H about 1843 ELizabeth Unknown
  John Hewitt   Jane Whitaker
  Margaret 15 May 1907 [Private] Uttley
  Richrd Thomas 13 Feb 1875 Ada Thornber
  Tom 14 Nov 1905  
Holmes Florence   William Whitaker
Hornby [Private]   Lizzie Driver
Hosforth [Private]   [Private] Thistlethwaite
Hudson Susannah about 1834 Thomas Clegg
Ingham Martha about 1841 Caleb Thornber
James Parsons about 1828 Margaret Emmett
Jockliffe [Private]   [Private] Thornber
Knape Arthur Brett about 1885 Margaret Foulds
Lancaster Alfred 26 Nov 1886 Lucy Thornber
  Alice about 1889  
  Charles about 1843  
  Charles Wilfred about 1882 Margaret Thornber
  Edgar about 1880  
  Ethel about 1881  
  Harold about 1879  
  James about 1849  
  Mary Ann about 1845  
  Oswald about 1885  
  William about 1813 Alice Unknown
  William about 1854  
  [Private]   Freda Unknown, Irene Unknown
  [Private]   Mary Ann Hargreaves
  [Private]   Eva Unknown
Lascelles Florence Louise   [Private] Clegg
Lawson Ellen 9 Aug 1812 Henry Driver
  Stephen   Elizabeth Thornber
  [Private]   [Private] Bowker
Leadley Florence May about 1889 Jesse Stansfield
  Frederick   Mary Barritt
  Hilda about 1890 Norman Frank Bullard
Lord Anne about 1823 John Barritt
Macdonald Unknown   Kathleen Thornber
Mann Elizabeth 29 Jul 1954  
  Frederick George 29 Jun 1897 [Private] Thornber
Marwick Hugh Gibson 1916  
  Hugh about 1881 Jane Barritt
Millar James about 1859 Martha Anna Unknown
Miller Elizabeth about 1856  
  Ethel May 1884 John Thornber
  James about 1823 Elizabeth Swales
  Jane Ann about 1865  
  Marmaduke about 1862  
  Mary about 1851  
Moorhouse Martha   Abraham Whitaker
Murtagh Agnes about 1889 William Thornber
Nightingale Dora about 1866  
  Florence about 1859 Sharp Thornber
  Lina Isabella about 1867  
  Teresa about 1863  
  Thomas about 1861  
  William Hargreaves about 1872  
  William about 1833 Elizabeth Unknown
Nowell John Henry 5 Sep 1877 Alice Maud Thornber
  John Thornber 3 May 1906 Ruth Agnes Priestly
  [Private]   [Private] Blades
Nutter Ann about 1820  
  Elizabeth about 1824  
  Ellen about 1826 Thomas Whitaker
  John about 1830  
  Sarah about 1820  
  William about 1788 Mary Stanfield
Palmer Evelyn   Thomas Barritt Clegg
Parry Gladys about 1882 Tom Thornber
Parsons George about 1850  
Patterson Elizabeth about 1849 Thomas Barritt
Pomfret Alice about 1827 Luke Thornber
Priestly Ruth Agnes 22 Feb 1907 John Thornber Nowell
Proctor Albert 1881 Florence Mary Barritt
  William Henry  
  [Private]   [Private] Taylor
  [Private]   Marjorie Baker
  [Private]   Virginia Gill
Rawlinson Charles about 1880  
  Fred about 1881  
  Henry about 1876  
  Henry about 1813 Lydia Unknown
  John Arthur about 1875  
  Tom about 1879  
  William about 1849 Mary Ann Barritt
Redmond James  
  Nellie   Eric Thornber
Richmond Dorothy 22 Sep 1902 Luke Thornber
  Mary Carrie 1880 William Ewart Thornber
Roberts Susan   John Thornber
Sayer Hardie John   [Private] Clegg
Sellers Thomas   Edith Annie Stephenson
Sharp Ann 29 Jul 1832 James Thornber
Smith A N   [Private] Thornber
  George 4 Jul 1897 Sarah Anne Thornber
  Sarah Ann about 1836 Benjamin Thornber
Spalding [Private]   [Private] Davenport
Stanfield Mary about 1791 William Nutter
Stansfield Jesse   Florence May Leadley
Steer Joseph Sydney 9 Apr 1897 Agnes Thornber
Stell Ann about 1883  
  Elizabeth Ellen about 1890  
  Margaret about 1887  
  Robert about 1861 Margaret Ann Thornber
Stephenson Albert about 1868  
  Albert about 1890  
  Benjamin about 1898  
  Edith Annie about 1884 Thomas Sellers
  Elizabeth about 1900  
  Ephraim about 1862 Elizabeth Dodgeon
  J T 1886 Annie Foulds
  John about 1839 Martha Thornber
  John about 1887  
  Maud about 1893  
Summer Mollie   James Thornber
Swales Elizabeth about 1822 James Miller
Taylor J   Lizzie Hargreaves
  Robert Openshaw  
  [Private]   [Private] Proctor
Thistlethwaite Lee 1885 Florence Nightingale Thornber
  Stephen Lee 1944  
  [Private]   [Private] Hosforth
Thornber Ada 1861  
  Ada 17 Dec 1889  
  Ada 14 May 1882 Richrd Thomas Holdsworth
  Agnes 19 May 1889 Joseph Sydney Steer
  Albert about 1865  
  Alice Maud 18 May 1879 John Henry Nowell
  Amy about 1865  
  Ann 22 Jun 1782  
  Annie about 1878 Cecil Gustave Bradley
  Annie 28 May 1893 Vernon Bowker
  Annis 24 Feb 1880 Edward Morley Grey
  Benjamin Thomas about 1875  
  Benjamin about 1839 Sarah Ann Smith
  Benjamin about 1860  
  Benjamin about 1887 Ada Bradshaw
  Benjamin 20 Sep 1884 Elizabeth Gaukrodger
  Benjamin 9 Jun 1800 Margaret Duckworth
  Benjamin about 1874  
  Betty about 1848  
  Betty about 1858  
  Caleb about 1842 Martha Ingham
  Edward Sharp about 1886 Sarah Annie Hargreaves
  Elizabeth about 1779 Stephen Lawson
  Elizabeth about 1890  
  Eric about 1904 Nellie Redmond
  Florence Nightingale about 1892 Lee Thistlethwaite
  Fred 14 Mar 1878 Florence Caroline Beatrice Clegg
  Harold 15 Apr 1907 [Private] Dickinson
  James 24 Oct 1833 Ann Sharp
  James 17 Jun 1866 Elizabeth Ellen Clough
  James 23 Jul 1895 Pollie Hale
  James 28 Nov 1892 Mollie Summer
  James about 1777  
  James 3 Mar 1785  
  Jane Elizabeth about 1896 Hartley Emmott Atkinson
  Jane about 1844 Thomas Varley
  Jane about 1830  
  Jane about 1772  
  John Thomas 26 Jun 1871 Mary Hartley
  John 29 Jul 1831  
  John 23 Oct 1835  
  John 5 Oct 1856 Jane Anne Watson
  John 1 Jun 1874 Ethel May Miller
  John   Susan Roberts
  John about 1771  
  John Watson 24 Feb 1887 Elizabeth Agnes Burns
  Joseph 1851  
  Kathleen   Unknown Macdonald
  Lucas 22 Mar 1791  
  Lucy 4 Aug 1905 Henry George Welmsley Cooper
  Lucy 22 Apr 1886 Alfred Lancaster
  Luke about 1868 Margaret Elizabeth Cutlow
  Luke 1894  
  Luke about 1829 Alice Pomfret
  Luke 22 Dec 1899 Dorothy Richmond
  Margaret Ann about 1860 Robert Stell
  Margaret Ellen about 1861  
  Margaret Ellen about 1853 James Foulds
  Margaret 27 Apr 1884 Charles Wilfred Lancaster
  Martha about 1837 John Stephenson, Marshall Clegg
  Mary Jane about 1869 George Herbert Gray
  Mary Jane about 1864  
  Neville 25 Feb 1909  
  Olwen 1910  
  Parthenia about 1855  
  Percy 28 May 1891 Elizabeth Barritt
  Rose 3 Nov 1794  
  Sarah Anne 15 Mar 1902 George Smith
  Sharp about 1858 Florence Nightingale
  Thomas 29 Dec 1846 Agnes Emmett
  Thomas 5 May 1888 Lizzie Hargreaves
  Thomas about 1775  
  Tom about 1884 Gladys Parry
  William Ewart about 1876 Mary Carrie Richmond
  William about 1889 Agnes Murtagh
  William 9 Oct 1895 Grace Wood, Unknown Unknown
  William 9 Mar 1788  
  [Private]   [Private] Dickinson
  [Private]   [Private] Wrigley
  [Private]   W Doole
  [Private]   Margaret Farraday
  [Private]   A N Smith
  [Private]   [Private] Jockliffe
  [Private]   Frank Halstead
  [Private]   James Casey
  [Private]   Marie-France Baudon
  [Private]   [Private] Haworth
  [Private]   Frederick George Mann
Turner James   Ellen Whitaker
Unknown Alice M about 1849 Josiah Gaukrodger
  Alice about 1813 William Lancaster
  Ann about 1805 Thomas Barritt
  Betty about 1790 Henry Driver
  ELizabeth about 1841 John H Holdsworth
  Elizabeth about 1834 William Nightingale
  Eva   [Private] Lancaster
  Freda   [Private] Lancaster
  Irene   [Private] Lancaster
  Lydia about 1814 Henry Rawlinson
  Margaret about 1785 Thomas Emmett
  Martha Anna   James Millar
  Mary about 1796 John Driver
  Sarah about 1851 Henry Bannister
  Unknown   William Thornber
Unknown_or_wrong Joseph Eade  
Uttley Reginald  
  [Private]   Margaret Holdsworth
Varley Benjamin Thornber about 1885  
  Granville about 1879  
  Thomas about 1841 Jane Thornber
Veevers Fanny about 1871 William Barritt
Walker Jane/Jenny about 1768 John Duckworth
Ward Elsie   Kenneth Whitaker
Watson Jane Anne 21 Nov 1856 John Thornber
Watterson Eliza about 1863 Charles Frederick Hargreaves
Whitaker Abraham   Martha Moorhouse
  Ann 1 Mar 1820  
  Charlotte about 1880 Earnest Button
  Daniel 17 Jun 1822  
  Ellen about 1874 James Turner
  Florence about 1885  
  George 11 Apr 1825  
  James 20 Jan 1814  
  Jane about 1883 John Hewitt Holdsworth
  Kenneth   Elsie Ward
  Mary Martha 18 Jun 1854 Charles Barritt
  Peter 18 Feb 1818  
  Thomas about 1827 Ellen Nutter
  Tom about 1875 Mary Crowther
  William about 1849 Jane Cunningham
  William about 1878  
  William about 1887 Florence Holmes
  [Private]   Thomas Cook
Wiggleswarth Anne about 1835 William Dyson, Thomas Clegg
Wilbound Charles   Dorothy Barritt Clegg
Wood Grace 1896 William Thornber
Wrigley Herbert  
  [Private]   [Private] Thornber